Update to this story.

Johannesburg: The Muslim Lawyers’ Association in South Africa has called for the arrest of US President Barack Obama on war crime and genocide charges when he visits the country from Friday.

The Association has called for Obama’s arrest because they believe he has ordered the deaths of numerous suspects overseas, citing this as “reason enough for him to be investigated, charged, arrested, and tried in a South African court for war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide”.

It is one of fifteen civil society organisations that have banded together as the ‘NO-Bama Coalition’ to object to his first visit to the country as President. 

The organisations include various trades unions and student’s associations as well ruling African National Congress tripartite alliance partners – the South African Communist Party and the Congress of South African Trade Unions.

The South African government is undeterred by the planned protests, saying that it might even be good for the country because allowing the protests would show the level of freedom of expression in South Africa.