Still not “in defeat”…

Via FP:

The Somali militant movement al-Shabab today launched a deadly strike against a U.N. humanitarian compound in Mogadishu that killed one international staffer, three contractors, four Somali security guards, and an unknown number of Somali civilians.

Then the group gloated about it in a creepy series of Twitter posts.

The tweets seemed calculated to taunt the new U.N. representative, Nicholas Kay, who opened a political office in Mogadishu this month. “So Nicholas Kay, are you still planning to settle down in Mogadishu by the end of the month?” read one tweet.

U.N. officials dismissed al-Shabab’s taunts, saying that they would not be deterred by the latest attack, though U.N. security measures are all but certain to be heightened. They also pointed out that Kay is already in Mogadishu and would remain. The attack, they noted, was not directed at Kay’s office.

The attack — which targeted a U.N. humanitarian compound in Mogadishu — was intended as a show of force in the nation’s capital for a movement that had been largely driven out of the city 18 months ago.

The Associated Press reported that seven militants “on a suicide mission” attacked the compound with a truck bomb and then forced their way onto the premises, killing at least 13 people before they were killed in the assault. Al-Shabab, which took responsibility for the attack, broadcast on Twitter what it claimed was a real-time account of the attack. “We’ve just contacted the Mujahideen inside the #UNDP and they are still fighting some western mercenaries inside the compound,” one tweet stated. “Inside the compound are several clueless foreigners who were lulled into a false sense of security by a strong disinformation campaign!” stated another.

The al Qaeda-connected militant group accused the United Nations of “Serving #US goals” and acting as an impediment to the establishment of “Allah’s Law on earth & must therefore be dislodged.”

“The UN, a merchant of death & a satanic force of evil, has a long inglorious record of spreading nothing but poverty, dependency & disbelief,” the group added.

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