Take a wild guess what Leno’s now being accused of?

JAY LENO: See, when I was growing up, we were always afraid of Big Brother watching us. And now with Obama, we actually have a brother watching us. See what I’m saying. We got a brother watching us. That’s right.

Right on cue Mediaite’s lib troll Tommy Christopher aka “Sexist Man On The Internet” accuses him of racism:

. . . What Leno actually said was “Now with Obama, we actually have a brothahh watching us!”

In case anyone in his audience missed the translation, though, he repeated the line in White English, adding, “You see what I’m saying? We got a brother watching us.”

Oh, my God, I’m still laughing, because President Obama really is a brothahh! See, “Big Brother” is a reference to the dystopian George Orwell novel 1984, and “brother” is a slang term for a black man.

Still, I think Leno could improve bits like these if he went to Robert Townsend‘s Black Acting School, and really learned to get his jive on. You gotta really drag the syllables out, like “We actually have a BRUH-thuuuuhhhh watching us,” and you gotta get your behind swaying, and maybe throw in a pimp-walkin’ hand gesture. At this rate, he’ll be in line to replace Bill Maher when the Tonight Show gig is up, which might actually be a big improvement.