She dropped the “baller” reference this time.

Via Washington Secrets:

First lady Michelle Obama went to bat for Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe Thursday afternoon, begging for money by claiming her husband needs the former Democratic Party chief to help her husband win his second term agenda.

“This is the key point I want to make here today,” she said at a Tysons Corner, Va. fundraiser for McAuliffe. “Barack Obama can not do it alone, he absolutely needs folks like Terry McAuliffe here in Virginia. We need all of you do everything you can between now and November to get Terry elected.”

Her not so subtle hint: “We need you to keep on writing those checks, and if you haven’t maxed out yet, max out! Get your friends to max out too!”

The first lady, who took offense at being heckled at a fundraiser earlier this week, was hit with a more friendly cheer at the McAuliffe fundraiser. “I love you Michelle!,” said a woman. Obama pointed at her and said “We love you too.”

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