But don’t worry, he was appointed by Bush so he had no political motivations.

Via JWF:

It’s a running gag by now how former IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulamn was appointed by George W. Bush. No Democrat can discuss the Obama IRS scandal without mentioning it. We would suggest they’re overreaching and overplaying their hand, but this could result in a backlash against the GOP. Anyway, there’s a fascinating look here on Shulman and some of the interesting company he’s kept in past years, including with perhaps the most notorious Democrat tax cheat in recent memory.

The IRS’s top man came to Harlem — and shared a stage with an accused tax cheat, Rep. Charles Rangel.

Commissioner Douglas Shulman and other officials yesterday urged New Yorkers to get the most out of their tax returns.

Asked about appearing with a pol who’s being probed for failing to pay taxes, Shulman said, “He’s one of the leaders in this country on tax policy issues. I work closely with him every day, and I’m honored to be on this stage with him.

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