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( – Guantanamo Bay is looking for seminar instructors to teach terrorist detainees, among other things, how to paint with watercolors, and use Microsoft Word and Powerpoint.

The terrorist detention facility has issued a solicitation for “Detainee Library and Seminar Services,” which was updated on May 28.

The solicitation calls for a new contractor to provide “intellectual stimulation” to the captured terrorists, through seminars that cover everything from Arabic calligraphy to Adobe Photoshop.

“The objective of stated services is to provide routine Library services and Detainee Seminars, such as Literacy, Nutrition, Horticulture, Science and Art Programs, as well as Life Skills programs to the JDG detainee population (166 detainees),” states the Performance Work Statementsubmitted by the Joint Task Force at Guantanamo Bay.

The Work Statement outlines the requirements for each seminar category.  The “Art seminar” reads as follows:

“The contractor shall develop, implement and teach an Art seminar. At a minimum, the Art seminar shall include water color painting, charcoal sketching, Arabic calligraphy, acrylic painting and pastel painting. Additional topics may be added with the [Contracting Officer Representative] COR written approval.”

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