Now that they mention it…

Via Noel Sheppard:

Since practically its inception, NewsBusters has been informing readers that MSNBC is not a news network.

In an article to be published in Monday’s New York Times, national media reporter Bill Carter actually asked if MSNBC is “being damaged by a perception that it is not really a news channel anymore.”

After sharing some of the horrible ratings numbers for MSNBC in recent months, Carter spoke to network president Phil Griffin about why viewers seem to turn away from his channel when serious news items break.

“We’re not the place for that,” said Phil Griffin. “Our brand is not that.”

Carter agreed writing, “The brand, one MSNBC has cultivated with success, is defined by its tagline, ‘The Place for Politics,’ and a skew toward left-wing, progressive political talk, the opposite of the conservative-based approach that has worked well for Fox News.”

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