Apparently this country is about welfare parasites sucking the taxpayers dry.

Via TPM:

[T]he First Lady then encouraged the crowd to remain engaged though the presidential election has ended.

“Now that the excitement that comes with the presidential campaign has faded, it is so tempting to just turn off the TV and wait another four years to re-engage. But make no mistake about it, if we are tuning out, I trust you others are tuning in, others are doing everything they can to make their voices heard,” said the First Lady.

Obama said the consequences of this “imbalance” in engagement are on display “every day in Washington.”

“Just last month for example we saw the failure of common sense legislation to protect our kids from gun violence, legislation by the way that 90 percent of the American people supported. We’re seeing a budget stalemate and a sequester resulting in children across the country being turned away from Head Start, and so many seniors losing their meals on wheels, and now there’s talk about cutting food stamps,” Obama said.

The First Lady described these cuts as “not what this country is about.”

“We are so much more compassionate and fair, so much more decent than that,” said Obama.