“Um. WOW!” Sounds like something a teenage girl texts to her friends.

From: Democrats 2014 ([email protected])
Subject: um. WOW!
Date: May 29, 2013 5:47:16 PM EDT

Drew —

Um. WOW. We didn’t except so many of you to come out to celebrate the departure of Michele Bachmann from Congress.

If we can harness this momentum — and raise $200,000 by our FEC deadline in 48 hours — we really have a chance to kick the rest of Michele Bachmann’s Tea Party buddies out of Congress. Will you help us hit our goal and give a double dose of bad news to Boehner and the Republicans?

One Tea Partier down. A whole bunch to go. If we keep this kind of enthusiasm up, we can kick them all out.



Democrats 2014