Men make “foolish decisions” because of women when they are thinking with the wrong head.

Via Jakarta Globe:

A former Islamic student leader says that senior figures in religious political parties have been lured into foolish decisions by attractive women seeking to tarnish the politicians’ reputations.

“Women are being used as a way of degrading the image of Islamic figures,” Erlangga Muhammad, former secretary general of the Islamic Students Alumni Association (Kahmi), said on Tuesday.

He cited the beef quota graft case in which Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) figures have been named suspects by the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK).

“Unfortunately, the Islamic figures involved are not as cunning in their politics. As such, when faced with efforts to weaken them, they [PKS politicians] are unable to do anything,” Erlangga told a dialogue on Islam and politics at the Islamic Youth Movement (Gerakan Pemuda Islam) headquarters in Jakarta.

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