It’s because his words always have to appear “caring”, while his actions are the antithesis of of caring.

Via Raw Story: 

Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume thinks it is very peculiar for President Barack Obama to call for executive power to be scaled back.

Hume noted on Fox News Sunday that Obama had “made generous use of” drone strikes.

“There’s an odd quality to this whole thing, and it is almost like he’s saying, with regard to the drone policy, ‘We need something to stop me before I kill again,’” he explained. “We can see that in his support on an unrelated matter on the shield law for journalists. He’s carried out these oversteps in pursuing journalists who are doing their job, and now he says ‘we need a shield law,’ as if to say we need a law to protect them from us.”

Obama called for additional oversight of drone strikes on suspected terrorists in a major speech at the National Defense University on Thursday. Earlier this month, the President called for legislation to protect journalists from being coerced into revealing their sources.