Last week Kerry urged Nigeria to “show restraint” in their fight against Boko Haram.

Via The Hill:

Speaking during a press conference after meeting with the Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Kerry said Nigerian leaders had to balance their right to defend their country with the need to observe international law.

“I have raised the issue of human rights with the government, with the foreign minister,” Kerry said in response to a question about Boko Haram groups that are battling in Nigeria.

“We have talked directly about the imperative of Nigerian troops adhering to the highest standards and not themselves engaging in atrocities or in human rights violations,” Kerry continued.

“That is critical. And the balance comes by having strong leadership – leadership from the civilian government, leadership that flows through the forces that are there.”

Kerry called Boko Haram a “terrorist organization” and he said that the U.S. acknowledges Nigeria’s right to defend itself.