Just two days ago I posted a story about Anjem Choudary calling the Oklahoma tornado a “soldier of Allah.”

Via Fox News:

British police have made two further arrests and searched multiple properties as they widened their investigation into Wednesday’s fatal hacking to death of a British soldier in broad daylight on a busy London street by two Muslim terrorists.

The two arrests, of a man and a woman — both 29 — on suspicion of conspiracy to murder, raises the possibility that the gruesome attack was not a so-called “lone wolf” killing as once thought.  Earlier it had been reported that the attackers were known to both UK authorities and a radical jihadist group well before the shocking attack that has stunned the United Kingdom and risked inflaming tensions between communities.

The two men, who were captured on cellphone video covered in blood and spouting jihadist rhetoric moments after the attack, have not yet been named, although Scotland Yard confirmed that they remained hospitalized in stable condition after being shot by armed police at the scene. But the killers, who wielded a machete and a cleaver and were dubbed “sickening individuals” by an incensed Prime Minister David Cameron, were already on the radar of security services, according to the BBC.

And Anjem Choudary, the leader of radical Islamist organization al-Muhajiroun — a group banned under anti-terrorism laws in the UK — has told Reuters that he knows one of the reported suspects. Michael Adebolajo, a Muslim convert from Christianity named by the BBC as one of the attackers, attended a number of the organization’s demonstrations, lectures and activities according to Choudary, although he claimed not to have seen him for about two years.

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