We don’t call him McRINO for nothing.

Via Politico:

Sen. John McCain hammered his fellow Republicans on Thursday, saying that further objections to moving ahead on the budget could carry dramatic implications for future bills, including immigration.

Tea party conservatives have objected to a House-Senate conference on the budget resolution, fearing that a deal could mean the adoption of a debt ceiling increase. Democrats and some Republicans have cried foul, and McCain (Ariz.) said on the floor that if the GOP seeks to require conditions before going to conference, there’s nothing preventing the same thing happening on future bills, such as the farm bill currently on the floor or immigration legislation later this year.

“If we agree that a small number of senators could basically change the way the Senate does business it could have serious ramifications in the future,” the Arizona Republican said.

And furthermore, blocking a conference could entice Democrats to try and change Senate rules, he said. Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) has been speaking to Democrats on a plan to overhaul the filibuster for executive branch nominees and some liberals have been pushing him to go further.