Via Washington Examiner:

Douglas Shulman, who served as IRS commissioner when the agency targeted conservative groups for inappropriate questioning, faulted Congress for not giving the agency more funding over the last two years.

“The last couple years the Congress has not been funding the IRS sufficiently,” Shulman told Rep. Scott Desjarlais, R-Tenn., during a House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing on the IRS’s “targeting [of] Americans for their political beliefs.” Shulman’s comment came in response to Desjarlais asking if he thought the IRS was competent and reliable enough to handle the personal information the agency will acquire while implementing Obamacare.

“I feel very confident in the men and women of the [IRS] to do the task [Congress] gave them,” Shulman said, though he acknowledged that there was a “serious breakdown” in the agency.