Last weekend, the Occupy folks again invaded the Gill Tract property, owned by the University of California in Albany, CA. The Occupiers fail to understand the concept of private property and believe they are entitled to plant on the land and make it a farm, because they say so.

After this last incursion, four Occupiers were detained by police for about 60 hours.

Did they learn from that experience or their failure of doing the same thing last year? Well, no.

They are at it again today, invading the property to plant crops. They have been given their first warning by the police.

They were earlier met with counter-protesters, one of whom managed to elicit what has to be the hippie over-reaction of all time. To set up the video, 3 of the people on the video are Occupiers, the man in the tan vest and blue baseball cap is a counter-protester.

May gifs be made of this, please make it so…


Ah, I knew we would get fun interpretations of our dear Occupier hippy chick.

Here is Sooper Mexican’s take on her sweet rant: