Of course Obama had no idea until he heard it in the media or something.

Via TPM:

The Treasury Department’s inspector general testified at a congressional hearing Friday that he had informed Obama administration officials of an investigation into improper scrutiny of conservative non-profit groups by the Internal Revenue Service during the run-up to the 2012 election.

J. Russell George told Treasury’s general counsel of the investigation on June 4, and Deputy Treasury Secretary Neal Wolin — then-Sec. Timothy Geithner’s No. 2 — “shortly thereafter,” according to the New York Times.

George did not, however, inform them of his conclusions that the targeting had been improper as the investigation was still ongoing. The official findings, which were released Tuesday, state that ineffective management allowed the practice to go on for more than 18 months but was ultimately stopped in May 2012.

President Barack Obama said Thursday that he had no knowledge about the inspector general’s report before it was leaked to the press this week. White House press secretary Jay Carney also maintained that no one in the administration was aware of the report.