Next stop, Governor Scott Walker’s desk.

(LA Times) — The Wisconsin Assembly on Thursday gave final approval to a GOP measure that sharply limits collective-bargaining rights for most public employees.

By 53-42, the Assembly passed the measure, an expected step after the state Senate OKd the proposal Wednesday night despite a boycott by all 14 of the chamber’s Democratic lawmakers. Democrats fled the state on Feb. 17, denying the Senate a quorum, but Republicans modified the bill so that a simple majority was sufficient to pass the plan proposed by Gov. Scott Walker and send it to the Assembly.

The result was greeted by jeers from Democrats and the packed galleries. Protesters began to boo as soon as the vote was called, and many began screaming “shame” as the tally was announced. Chants and drum beats resumed inside the building.

Even though the outcome was expected, it didn’t stop the fiery words that have monopolized Wisconsin politics for almost a month and have put the state solidly on the national political map. The battle between the Republican government and its public employee unions was viewed as a test case by the national union movement and by other financially pressed states seeking similar measures.