And just last week Obama told grads to “reject these voices” that warn of government tyranny.

Via Breitbart:

The IRS targeting of tea party and conservative groups was designed to intimidate organizations ahead of the 2012 election. Overwhelming these organizations with burdensome requests for detailed information caused several to abandon setting up non-profits. Breitbart News has reviewed IRS information requests to a half-dozen organizations. The most chilling request from the IRS was for a list of volunteers. It has the feel of a modern-day “enemies list.”

Many of the questions asked of tea party groups by the IRS have the veneer of being related to whether their activities qualify for tax-exempt status. Asking exhaustive questions about a group’s potential political activity is unusual, but is at least relevant, generally, in determining a group’s eligibility for non-profit status. It would be shocking if a left-wing group were asked to make the same assurances of non-political activity, but they are superficially legitimate questions.

The IRS, however, went beyond this and asked for the names of un-paid volunteers. This information has no bearing on an organization’s qualification as a non-profit.

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