Love it.

(Politico)So much for solidarity, Democrats are saying, after catching wind of a union-sponsored party for House Republicans Wednesday night.

The party, thrown by a coalition of 15 labor groups at the Capitol Hill Club, was held just as the Wisconsin Senate was teeing up an anti-labor bill and against the broader backdrop of GOP governors across the nation working to strip unions of benefits and bargaining rights.

The AFL-CIO’s Building and Construction Trades Department organized the “thank you” reception to give a pat on the back to Republicans who backed labor’s position on a pair of amendments to the seven-month continuing appropriations bill the House passed last month.

Democrats fumed over the perceived betrayal by labor groups in Washington.

“House Republicans are rushing to defend Gov. Scott Walker’s union busting in Wisconsin, and here in D.C. labor is rushing to thank House Republicans,” said a House Democratic source. “So much for standing by the brothers and sisters who stand with you while Speaker [John] Boehner and House Republicans continue their attack on organized labor.

Co-hosts of the reception included the Teamsters, painters, boilermakers, electrical workers, sheet metal workers, bricklayers, iron workers and plumbers.

Side note: Which “Republicans” are having a party thrown in their honor by the unions?