You think if the IRS was cracking down on groups like during the Bush administration Ed Schultz would be outraged?

Via Newsbusters:

ED SCHULTZ: IRS is apologizing to conservative groups over a number of audits. I ask the question “why”? IRS says there’s been a surge of application of applications since 2010 for tax exempt status from groups with “tea party” or “patriot” in their title names. So the IRS admits it’s singling out those groups for audits to make sure that they are real non-profits. Now, look, this is all because of Citizens United. All of these groups popped up, it was new to the Internal Revenue Service and the issue is how they’re spending their money.

MICHAEL ERIC DYSON: What about the groups that have been racially profiled or ethnically profiled or profiled because of gender. So the reality here is that I think this is much ado about nothing.

SCHULTZ: They want to plant the seed that the White House picked up the phone and called Ogden, Utah and said get on these guys.

DYSON: Of course, and that’s ridiculous. There’s no way. First of all, we know that Obama doesn’t have that kind of juice. We know the Republicans and all of the other people in the government aren’t going to listen to him.