According to the McRINO brigade these people deserve U.S. military support.

Via Times of Israel:

A video uploaded to LiveLeak on Sunday claimed to show a Syrian rebel dismembering a dead Syrian soldier and eating the man’s heart.

The authenticity of the video could not be independently confirmed.

A user by the name of El Ghoul101 — “ghoul” was a loanword from Arabic for a mythical cannibalistic grave robber — posted the video on Sunday with the title “Cannibal Rebel Eats Heart of Syrian Soldier.” The video bore the stamp “Syrian Truth,” a pro-Assad regime grass-roots organization.

The knife-wielding subject of the video says while cutting away at the corpse, “We swear to God that we will eat your hearts and livers, you soldiers of Bashar the dog.”

“We are the heroes of Baba Amr,” he says, referring to the Homs neighborhood that has been a rebel stronghold since the beginning of the Syrian civil war two years ago.