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Not often we’re on the same page as Kucinich.

Via Andrew Kaczynski:

Progressive former Congressman Dennis Kucinich said Sunday on Fox News that the Obama Administration’s Libyan policy was to blame for the Sept. 11 terrorist attack on the American consulate in Benghazi. The former Congressman argued before leaving Congress after losing the his primary for his newly drawn Congressional district in Ohio that American intervention in Libya was a mistake.

Kucinich argued the Obama Administration initially said it was a protest because of what he called “the failure of the Benghazi policy” as well as the upcoming election last November.

“What the attack on the consulate brings up is the failure of the Benghazi policy from the beginning. That’s why they had to call it a street demonstration instead of an attack. On the eve of an election that brought up a whole new narrative about foreign policy, about dealing with terrorism, and about the consequences that led to four deaths of people who served the United States.”

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