What don’t they understand about the concept of private property? At some point the city just has to start punishing for cumulative violations, that’s the only thing that will stop them.

ALBANY, Calif. — 

A tract of farmland owned by the University of California, Berkeley in Albany is once again being taken over by a group of “Occupy the Farm” activists Saturday, police and members of the group say.

Several dozen people Saturday afternoon marched onto agricultural fields located near the corner of Marin and San Pablo avenues, part of a property they referred to as the Gill Tract, to protest the university’s plans to build a chain grocery store there.

More than 100 protesters who had gathered on the tract were pulling weeds and preparing to plant some 8,000 plants by 3 p.m., organizer Lesley Haddock, 21, said.

She said the group plans to plant zucchini, kale, summer squash, collards and other vegetation and intends to spend the night “under the stars” on the university-owned land.

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