Update to this story.

Via WaPo:

In the GOP’s most successful effort of the day to tie Hillary Clinton to the controversy, witness Gregory Hicks said he got an angry phone call from a top Clinton aide after a State Department lawyer was excluded from a briefing with a member of Congress.

Gregory Hicks said that he got a rare phone call from Cheryl Mills, a longtime Clinton lawyer who served as Hillary Clinton’s top counsel and chief of staff at the State Department, who was angry about the lawyer not being allowed to participate in a briefing with Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah).

Hicks said the lawyer didn’t have the proper security clearance.

Hicks also said the State Department told him not to submit to an interview with the congressional delegation — the first time he had ever received such a command.

Here’s the exchange:

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio): ”(Mills) is as close as you can get to Secretary Clinton, is that accurate?”

Hicks: ”Yes, sir.”

Jordan: ”And tell me about that phone call you had with Cheryl Mills.”

Hicks: ”A phone call from that senior a person is, generally speaking, not considered to be good news.”

Jordan: ”And what did she have to say to you?”

Hicks: “She demanded a report on the visit … ”

Jordan: ”Was she upset by the fact that this lawyer was … ”

Hicks: ”She was upset.”

Jordan: ”… this babysitter, this spy, whatever you want to call him, was not allowed to be in that — first time that’s ever happened, in all the congressional delegations you’ve ever entertained — was not allowed to be in that classified briefing? Was she upset about that fact?”

Hicks: ”She was very upset.”

Jordan: ”So this goes right to the person next to Secretary Clinton. Is that accurate?”

Hicks: ”Yes, sir.”