In the amazing story of the rescue of the women kidnapped from a house of horrors in Cleveland, there emerged an overnight internet hero, Charles Ramsay, whose frank interview about the event immediately caught fire.

Mr. Ramsay responded to the screams of Amanda Berry, one of the kidnap victims, who was trying to break out of the house through an obstructed front door. Mr. Ramsay helped to kick in the door and get Ms. Berry out.

Mr. Ramsay noted he had been eating McDonald’s at the time. 

As Ramsey explained in an interview Monday night, he just happened to hear a girl trying to escape from the home of one of his neighbor’s while he was eating a meal from McDonald’s: “I went to McDonald’s. I came home. I’m eating my McDonald’s. I got the day off from work, so naturally you’re doing nothing. And I hear this girl screaming and she’s going nuts.

McDonald’s has responded: