Amazing story of rescue:

How did they manage to escape? With the help of neighbor Charles Ramsay, who kicked in the door, freed Amanda Berry and called 911.

More from Charles, definitely one of the the best witness interviews ever (Updated without the AP edits)…

They edited out Ramsay’s reference to the neighbor “having big testicles” and the last part about “you know there’s a problem when a pretty little white girl ran into the arms of a black man”.

Police will have more on the case later today.


Police went to the house in 2004 pursuant to a child services investigation, but left after no one answered the door.

Via Daily Mail:

Police knocked on the door of the home where three missing girls were held captive for a decade – but found nothing, it was revealed today.

Officers visited the home on Seymour Avenue in Cleveland, Ohio in 2004 as part of a child services’ investigation but left when no one answered.

Police had been alerted to the man living at the home, Ariel Castro, now a suspect in the abduction, after he inadvertently left a boy at a bus depot while working as a school bus driver. No criminal charges were brought and no follow-up inquiries made.

Amanda Berry, 26, and Gina DeJesus, 23, and Michelle Knight, 32, escaped the home on Monday night, where it is believed they had been chained in the basement for ten years.

Questions will now be asked as to how police and federal investigators failed to find the girls who remained undetected at the home just three miles from the block where they all went missing.

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Neighbors who lived two houses away reported hearing a woman’s screams previously. But because the neighbors couldn’t identify precisely where the screams were coming from, nothing was discovered.  Troubling as well to hear neighbor describe how Castro the bus driver gave neighborhood kids rides in his car.


Via Daily Mail:

Authorities have released pictures of the three brothers arrested after three missing women were found at a Cleveland home where they had allegedly been held captive for a decade.

The mugshots of Ariel Castro, 52, who owned the property, and his brothers Onil, 50, and Pedro, 54, emerged as police sources claimed the women reportedly had multiple pregnancies at the home.

At least five babies were born at the house, while one of the victims suffered as many as three miscarriages because she was so malnourished, police sources told NewsChannel5.

Other sources told WKYC that the captors would beat the women when they were pregnant, meaning that the babies would not survive.

It is unknown what happened to any children who were born at the home, and it is not clear whether a six-year-old girl who was found alive there on Monday is among the number cited by sources.

The girl was found after her mother, kidnap victim Amanda Berry, 26, climbed through a screen door on Monday afternoon while her alleged captor was out and fled to a neighbor’s home to call 911.

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 Amanda Berry in center, with her six year old daughter, reunited with her sister on the left.


Michelle Knight, the woman held the longest,  is apparently reporting that there was another woman being held when Michelle was taken there, but that that woman turned up missing one day:

Via Fox 8 Cleveland:

CLEVELAND — Law enforcement sources say they are investigating allegations that three missing women found alive Monday in a Seymour Avenue may have been pregnant multiple times. It is unclear if more than one child had been born.

The sources also say that the victims, Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight, all appear to be malnourished, and that Knight may have suffered hearing loss. She has reportedly told police she was hit in the head. She may also have structural damage to her face.

A source further noted that Knight told police that there was another woman in the home when she got there, but one day she woke up and the woman was gone. There is writing on the wall in the basement which includes the name of a female and says, “Rest In Peace,” but police do not know if that is related to the case at this time.

Meanwhile, a police spokesperson on Tuesday said all three women had been released from the MetroHealth Medical Center and were taken to a “secure location.”


There is a report that neighbors saw a naked woman in the backyard two years ago, but police did not take report seriously.

Via CNN:

One neighbor, Nina Samoylicz, said that one night two years ago, she and some friends saw a naked woman in Ariel Castro’s backyard. They tried to speak to her, and a man told the woman to get down, she said.

“So we said something to him, (and) he told her to get in the house and he ran behind the cars and got in the house,” Samoylicz said. They called police, but they weren’t taken seriously, she claims.

A week or two after that incident, Castro erected tarps in the backyard to seclude it, she said.

Another neighbor, Israel Lugo, said his sister got a bad vibe from the house and asked him not to let the children play unsupervised nearby. He said he heard yelling in the house in November 2011 and called police to investigate, but they left after no one answered the door.


The Cleveland Plain Dealer has new details on a dispute that kidnapping suspect Ariel Castro had with his former wife:

A 2005 court filing obtained by the Cleveland newspaper says Castro’s former wife, Grimilda Figueroa, had accused him of domestic violence. At one point, she said she suffered two broken noses, broken ribs, a knocked-out tooth, a blood clot on the brain, and two dislocated shoulders.

Figueroa’s attorney said he was worried about Castro killing her and noted that Castro “frequently abducts daughters and keeps them from mother” despite not having visitation rights.

Castro was previously arrested in 1993 for domestic violence, but a grand jury declined to indict him. It’s not clear whether that incident was also related to Figueroa.

Figueroa died a year ago when she was 48 years old. It is not clear how she died.