Via OnIslam:

A Chicago Muslim activist has spotted a troubling greeting card featuring an adorable hijab-wearing doll with an exploding message that equates smiling, non-threatening Muslims with extremist terrorists.

“Nothing identifies this doll as a terrorist in the minds of the card designers other than that she wears a Hijab,” Ahmed Rehab, Executive Director of the Chicago office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-Chicago), wrote in an article published by the Chicago Monitor on Friday, May 3.

“Moreover, she is a smiling, non-threatening normal-looking female wearing a pink Hijab and a flower-patterned dress.

“The unmistakable message behind the “humor” is that even the most peaceful looking Muslims are synonymous and exchangeable with terrorists.”

The problem erupted when Rehab spotted this troubling greeting card in a local store.

Featuring a photo of a Muslim doll with a Hijab, the talking bubbles placed on top of the doll’s photo read, “The Talking Doll, Pull string for message, if you dare,” and “She’ll Love You To Death! She’ll Blow Your Brains Out!”

The inside of the card reads “Hope your birthday is a BLOW OUT!”

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