On the bright side, the Senate immigration bill has almost no chance of passing the House.

Via NRO:

In case there are still any suckers who think amnesty supporters will follow through on their promises to pursue enforcement once the illegal aliens are safely legalized, get a load of this:

“The president made clear that he expected the people in the room to support the Senate proposal even if they had doubts about some details, participants said. Once an overarching plan was locked in place by Congress, Obama told the group, the administration would be able to revisit some of their concerns and figure out ways to improve it.”

This was the same strategy regarding the 1986 law — once you have the amnesty, gut the enforcement. By the end of FY 1991, 2.5 million illegals were safely amnestied, out of the eventual total of 2.7 million. For that reason, Orrin Hatch and Ted Kennedy felt confident enough to try to repeal the ban on hiring illegals, which was the core of the amnesty-for-enforcement bargain in the 1986 law. In other words, once the pro-amnesty side got what it wanted, it moved to welsh on the deal.