No way around it, Jan Brewer is awesome.

PHOENIX – Gov. Jan Brewer signed legislation aimed specifically at halting Tucson’s practice of allowing police to destroy guns that people voluntarily surrender through buyback programs.

Instead, the state law, which takes effect later this year, will require that any weapons that come into a city or county’s possession must be sold off, with the profits used to bolster the local treasury.

Brewer’s signature, which came late Monday without comment, was not a surprise. Since becoming governor in 2009, she had signed two other laws limiting the ability of cities and counties to destroy weapons.

There was strong lobbying for her to sign this law, as well: The Governor’s Office reported Brewer got more than 1,900 pleas for her to sign the measure, in the form of emails, letters and calls.

That effort was organized by the Arizona Citizens Defense League, which sent out notices to people on its mailing list urging them to click on a link to send a letter to Brewer. Many of these appear to be the same basic form, said gubernatorial press aide Ann Dockendorff.

By contrast, she said, there were only 25 messages to Brewer urging her to veto the measure.