Maybe if the bomber says, “We did it without help”, we should look a little further, because, lord knows, a killer would never lie…

Via Fox: 

The bombers who attacked the Boston Marathon last week did not rely on cellphone detonators, but rather toy car speed controllers as the trigger, requiring a clear view of the explosives, according to a national security source familiar with the FBI investigation.

The source, who agreed to discuss progress in the marathon bombing case on the condition of anonymity, said the finding is significant, adding the use of remote-control toy parts as a detonation mechanism is not found in the Al Qaeda online magazine Inspire, which was cited in early reports as the suspects’ likely bomb-making guide.

While the working theory among investigators is that one or both of the Tsarnaev brothers triggered the detonation using the speed controllers, Fox News is told a third party in the crowd has not been ruled out, though there is no evidence suggesting a third party at this time.

“I can’t comment on any of the specifics on the design of the weapon that went off, but it is very clear when you take the totality of it that there was some outside counsel to these individuals on how to build and how to detonate,” Republican Rep. Mike Rogers, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, said.

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