Move over McRINO, Al Nusra Front has a new ally in Congress.

Via The Hill:

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said Friday that it was time for the United States to “take it to the next step” in Syria in response to possible chemical weapons use, although she said that did not include putting “boots on the ground.”

“I myself think that we have tolerated for too long all of the assaults on the Syrian people made by its own government,” Pelosi told reporters. “I think we have to take it to the next step. That does not mean troops on the ground.”

Pelosi’s comments were echoed by lawmakers from both parties following a classified briefing for House members with Secretary of State John Kerry, Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Adm. James Winnefeld and Deputy Defense Secretary Ash Carter.

In the wake of the news Thursday that the White House believes Syrian President Bashar Assad might have crossed President Obama’s “red line,” lawmakers have urged the Obama administration to get more involved in Syria, including providing arms to rebel groups, and establishing safe havens and a no-fly zone.