Where’s a jihadi work accident when you need one?

Via Kurier (Google translation):

Via Facebook called Wiener Chechens to their compatriots to protest outside the U.S. Embassy. They demand solidarity for the Boston bombers solidarity for Muslims and Chechens. Because there were allegations that the FBI had falsified evidence against the brothers. The “Pro Tsarnaev” had called via Facebook to demo.

The police went in the afternoon still assumed that the demo will actually move on a small scale. Roadblocks were not planned.

Finally, about 16:30 clock around 40 peaceful demonstrators were a large contingent of police towards. Men and women demonstrated separately. Among the protesters were both female veil wearers, as well as western dressed women.

“We are convinced of the innocence of our brother. There is no evidence that he is guilty. America needs a new enemy, “read part of the Chechens.