Weiner’s people should probably explain to him how a double entendre works.

Via Politicker:

Anthony Weiner ended his slow-and-steady approach to media appearances today, granting at least four on-camera interviews with ABC7,NBC 4CBS and RNN-TV. Despite flooding the airwaves, the former congressman insisted he has yet to decide whether he’ll ultimately make a high-profile mayoral bid this year. However, he did vow to make the decision in the near future.

“You’re right,” Mr. Weiner told ABC’s Dave Evans after being pressed on the need to formalize his electoral intentions soon. “In political terms, it’s as Yogi Berra would say, ‘It’s getting late early.’ I’ve going to decide soon. It’s going to be a matter of days or weeks. It can’t be a matter of months, that’s for sure.” […]

In the ABC interview, Mr. Weiner also explained his recent return to Twitter, despite his rocky history with the social media service.

“I’m going to tell you something. Twitter didn’t do this to me. Facebook didn’t do this to me,” he declared. “I did this to me. So the idea that if you write an embarrassing letter, that you do away with paper and pens, I don’t believe that … Look, Twitter can be snarky, it can be funny. But it can also be a real tool to help governance. And I’m not going to let that tool go unused.”