Definitely a tear jerker.

Via NY Post:

It’s the picture of kindness.

Jeff Bauman, the Boston Marathon bombing victim who became the face of a nation’s sorrow when he was photographed being rushed from the horror scene missing a leg, paid a birthday visit to a fellow victim at Boston Medical Center,¬†NBC affiliate 7 News reported.

Bauman gave a gift to Sydney Corcoran to celebrate her 18th birthday yesterday, which was spent in a hospital bed recovering from wounds she suffered in the twin blasts that killed 3 and wounded more than 240 last Monday.

Shrapnel from the pressure-cooker bombs severed Corcoran’s femoral artery, and she would have bled to death but for the swift intervention of strangers who stopped the bleeding until help could arrive. As it is, she only lost a pinky toe and is expected to make a full recovery, her father told¬†ABC News.

Corcoran’s mother, Celeste, was also wounded in the attack, and doctor’s had to amputate both legs below the knees, the network reported.

Bauman, despite having both legs amputated, helped investigators identify the suspects as soon as he awoke from surgery.