Could they be any more clueless?

( – “[W]e’re not going to solve this challenge of terror and of extremism and of people finding an alternative if we’re not reaching out to people, talking to them, bringing them to the table and trying to work through major, perceived differences,” Secretary of State John Kerry told a gathering in Brussels on Monday.

“I believe we have to create a new paradigm, frankly, to deal with this.”

Kerry said the new paradigm includes public-private partnerships, and he pointed to new initiative that’s just getting under way with Palestinians in the West Bank, where U.S. businesses are being urged to invest in places for the sake of peace, not profit […]

Kerry noted that 60 percent of Egypt’s population is under the age of 30, 50 percent is under age 21, and 40 percent under age 18: “If they grow up without education, without opportunities, it’s pretty predictable what kind of challenges we can all face. So I think this is urgent, President Obama believes this is urgent, and that we need to come together in an effort to try to change it.”

He repeated that the new paradigm combines economic diplomacy with “significant diplomatic outreach.”

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