The Horned One leading the charge to take away Second Amendment rights.

Via Newsbusters:

Five U.S. gun control groups have received almost $7 million combined from liberal billionaire George Soros, including the most prominent one, the Brady Campaign.

The Soros contributions to these five groups total an astounding $6,727,966 between 2000 and 2011.

The American Bar Association, a liberal group of lawyers, received $4,093,946 from Soros. According to their site, “the ABA believes that lawyers share a special responsibility to help create a just and secure society in which firearms are well-regulated.” President Laurel Bellows urged for more than just background checks back in January, including “full integration of state and local mental heal records into the National Instant Check System” and supported an assault weapons ban.

The most renowned gun control group, The Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence, the legal arm of the better know Brady Campaign, received $50,000 in Soros funding. The Brady Center helps those involved in legal matters through their separate 501c(3) organization, as opposed to The Brady Campaign that deals at the grassroots level.

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