The UN continues to make a mockery of itself.

(CNS News) — A U.N. policy-making body dedicated to “gender equality and the advancement of women” adopted a resolution accusing Israel of holding back the advancement of Palestinian women, but it took no action on the emergency in Libya or the legally enshrined discrimination faced by women in Iran.

The only country-specific resolution passed by the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) at its recent session in New York was one condemning Israel over the Palestinian issue.

Libya is a member of the 45-country CSW, and Iran has just taken up a seat on the body for the next four years.

In Libya, a U.N. aid coordinator estimates this week that some 600,000 people affected by the conflict now underway will need humanitarian help. Many of those will be women.

Difficulties experienced by Libyan women long predated the current crisis. Human rights monitors say women’s and girl’s rights are routinely violated by the state in so-called “social rehabilitation” facilities, where those suspected of violating moral codes — including rape victims — can be held indefinitely.