Crazy Info Wars types and their new junior partners at #FreeJahar are fond of showing the above cropped picture of the bombing, along with other pictures with very authoritative red circles drawn around people with bags.

They have gone so far as to say this is a plot by the organization Craft International which was founded by Chris Kyle, the deceased former Navy Seal because of the alleged insignia on the hats of the military types mentioned in the picture above.

These men supposedly dropped their bags with the bombs in them.

So then why can one see them here in this non-cropped picture with their backpacks AFTER the blast?

Click here for high resolution picture.

Update: Just a note as to the identity of the military-appearing men.  It appears they are likely National Guard Civilian Support, which sometimes deploy to help protect events such as these. Craft International has only 4 trainers and does not do security contracting like this.