Via National Review:

In light of the recent events in Boston, former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani told Face the Nation’s Bob Schieffer that it is important to recognize these sorts of attacks are part of a grander war in the eyes of the attackers. “The reality is whether we want to call this a war on terror, they call this a war on us,” Giuliani said. “These two young men joined a war. If you look at their website, they’re talking about jihad, they’re talking about war, so they are at war against us.”

“Also, I think it would be very helpful to reclassify the Major Hassan case as a terrorism attack,” Giuliani said of the 2009 Fort Hood shooting. “It’s really kind of strange, and I think harmful in the effort of kind of breaking through this political correctness so that we can analyze this effectively, not to describe Major Hassan’s attack” as terrorism, he added. The Defense Department classified the shooting as an incident of “workplace violence.”