Police and authorities held a press conference on the capture of the suspect, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

The police spokesman. Colonel Alben, noted, “We are so grateful for the outcome here tonight, we have a suspect in custody”. He also remembered the people killed and hurt, and recognized the hard work of law enforcement.

The governor spoke, also thanking the police and the general public for their assistance.

Carmen Ortiz, the U.S. Attorney for the area, said, “I have never been prouder to stand with law enforcement”. She noted the investigation will continue and more answers will be forthcoming.

Rick DesLauriers, head of the FBI’s Boston Division, “Today cities of Boston and  Watertown can breathe a sigh of relief”.  He continued “Justice is being served for the victims”. The special agent on the case noted that capturing the suspect alive increased the possibility of getting answers for the actions.

They received reports of blood on the boat, exchanged gunfire, then assaulted the boat and were able to remove the suspect.  “We always want to take people alive so we can find out what the reasons for the actions were”.

“Citizens can be confident that the threat has been removed”, the BPD head noted.

Carmen Ortiz noted that the final decision as to the particular charges against the suspect will rest with the Attorney General of the Department of Justice, Eric Holder.

A resident tipped off the police about the blood and a police helicopter picked him up in the boat using thermal imaging, according to Fox News.

Fox also confirmed that the Dzhokhar backed over his brother’s body while trying to escape earlier in the day and is now being treated at the hospital, although his condition is not clear.

The BPD commisioner said that Tsarnaev in serious condition, CBS is reporting that he was shot in the neck and the leg.