Here is what looks like a twitter account of  Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev.  There have been reports from his friends that this is his account. “Jahar” is the proper pronunciation of his first name, according to his family. The account goes back to April of last year.

Picture of Tsarnaev released by news media (not in twitter account):

Picture in twitter account with same friend (notice the license of the car, appears to say “terrorists”):

Here are tweets, culled from the account. The account includes tweets about Cambridge and school, further matching with Tsarnaev’s profile.

Perhaps most poignant, he notes having a dream that he “killed” Abraham Lincoln, and talked of why he had cyanide pills. On April 7, he says, “If you have the knowledge and inspiration, all that is left is to take action” (Click on once, and then on it again to enlarge):

He also has a tweet “Free Palestine” and talks about the suicide rate of American soldiers being at an all-time high asking “what’s the problem” with that?

He also tweeted after the attack, commenting on a story about the bombing:


His friends being interviewed on Fox say they never would have expected this, that he was a normal kid who they hung with and with whom they smoked pot.

He retweeted the following, apparently in favor of Barack Obama winning the election in November:

HT: Wounded Dove