(WSJ) — Newlyweds Patrick Downes and Jessica Kensky, who live in Cambridge, each lost their left leg below the knee, said Tom Treacy, a close friend. Though they are runners themselves, they were watching the race when the bombs detonated.

They were taken to different hospitals. The couple, who married in August, received a bit of good news on Wednesday: Doctors were hopeful Ms. Kensky would be able to keep her right leg, Mr. Treacy said.

“What gives me comfort in this whole thing is the fact that they’ll be going through what sounds like a pretty similar rehabilitation process,” he said. “The fact that they’ll be there for each other is what will allow me to get some sleep tonight.”

A person who answered the phone at a Cambridge number listed to the Downes family declined to comment.

Mr. Downes, 29 years old, a psychology doctorate student, and Ms. Kensky, 32 years old, a nurse, had each taken care of each other during previous medical difficulties, Mr. Treacy said.