Tingles also straps on the tinfoil hat and claims there’s a conspiracy group in Virginia that “teaches right wing people to use the most wild language.”

. . . And I gotta tell you something there’s a group over in Virginia that teaches right wing people how to talk like this. Use the most wild language and always repeat over and over again and ignore the question. David Gregory was doing a masterful job of trying to get her to answer a question. She wasn’t answering it. Here, here is the montage. He asked all kinds of questions and got the — I’ve accused her of behaving like a zombie, in the sense that you always just stay on this sort of hypnotic trance no matter what the question is. You come on television not to answer questions, not to engage in a dialogue but to speak this sort of rehearsed thing. Now here is David Gregory repeatedly yesterday asking Congresswoman Bachmann about the possibility of a government shutdown — a good question. Whether she, herself, would vote to shut down the government — a good question — over the fight over Planned Parenthood] and the EPA — equally good policy questions. And whether Speaker Boehner has failed the Tea Party people, who want more action taken [on] budget cutting. The Congresswoman was determined to drive home one point. She kept saying there was a secret $105 billion hidden, as she put it, even though it’s appropriated in the health care legislation of Barack Obama, last year. Let’s watch this behavior pattern. Is it mental or is this method?

Via Newsbusters