Absolutely disgraceful how the media is ignoring this trial.

Via Washington Times:

Reflecting mounting frustration over the lack of press coverage of inner-city Philadelphia abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell’s murder trial, a group of pro-life House members took to the floor to denounce what they call a “national media cover-up” of the sensational case.

“Again, I ask my colleagues and I ask the news media, ‘Why the blackout?’” said Rep. Christopher H. Smith, New Jersey Republican. “Will America ever be told of the brutality of abortion?”

The congressional outcry is the latest effort to draw attention to the gruesome courtroom drama unfolding in Philadelphia, where Dr. Gosnell stands accused of committing eight murders including seven live babies born after botched abortions at the Women’s Medical Society.

“Just hearing about this trial and quite frankly, I haven’t heard about it on TV, and if I weren’t informed about it leading up this special order, I wouldn’t know about the Gosnell trial, one that I think is really sickening just to hear the facts,” said Rep. John Fleming, Louisiana Republican.

The trial is being covered by The Associated Press, as well as the Philadelphia and Delaware media, but has yet to earn a report on the major television broadcast or cable networks since jury selection began March 4.