Barack said almost the exact same line yesterday.

Via Politico:

First lady Michelle Obama held back tears Wednesday as she urged Chicago business leaders to take action to combat violence among young people in her hometown, going so far as to suggest that she could have lost her life in urban violence.

“Hadiya Pendleton was me, and I was her,” Obama said at a fundraising lunch for a public-private partnership aimed at giving support to young Chicagoans and making neighborhoods safer. “But I got to grow up and go to Princeton and Harvard Law School and have a career and family and the most blessed life I could ever imagine.”

“And Hadiya? Oh, we know that story,” she said, recounting the life that took the 15-year-old to Washington for President Obama’s Inauguration one week and dead on the South Side of Chicago the next.

The speech was a rare foray into a sensitive subject for the first lady, who grew up in a working class neighborhood on the South Side in the 1970s, but generally keeps her public appearances more lighthearted as she discusses her initiatives for healthy eating and military families. She also made an even rarer step into the rough-and-tumble of politics, urging lawmakers to take action on gun legislation. “These reforms deserve a vote in Congress,” she said on the eve of scheduled votes in the Senate.