This could be the single stupidest idea I’ve ever heard.

Time for radical action on Guantanamo — Chris Hayes

. . .Four years after Obama signed his ill-fated executive order to close the prison it remains fully open and operational. More so than it was when he took office.

It is after all very easy not to think about 166 men locked up thousands of miles away. But. the status quo that exists in Guantanamo Bay—where we keep people locked up for no reason other than that we don’t know what to do with them—cannot go on. And yet it does.

But while there are genuinely hard questions on Guantanamo, there are some easy ones too.

The dozens of men who have been cleared by the United States government for release should be released immediately, should be paid restitution, and offered legal residence in the United States.

If that sounds radical or outside the boundaries of political feasability, I would say that shoving tubes up the noses of men a few times a day to force them to stay alive in our prisons, even though we readily admit we have to no reason to continue to keep them, is pretty damn radical, too.

HT: Newsbusters