How progressive.

The Opportunistic Bigot as Newly Minted Oppressed Minority in Defeat — Daily Kos

You no good low-rent gaggle of hateful self-serving bigot-for-hire whiny ass titty babies.

Entire election cycles were gleefully covered in slick wall-to-wall homophobia and hatred.

Remember that s–t? Good. Now go f–k yourselves. Here. Here’s a ratty leather glove covered in rusty spikes. No. No. Here’s two. You can all go bend over and collectively fist each other in a frenzy until all the pain equals all the hate and the stupid you have given us for ages in spades. You all made your bones stoking and exploitating hate. On repressing dissent and dissenters. Please. Cry me a f–king river. A angel’s tear sea. It wouldn’t even offset Prop 8.

Eat all your s–t and feel some real f–king shame.

The reason that all you various professional homophobic pieces of garbage all woke up on the wrong side of history one day is that you earned that harrowingly bleak little sunrise all on your own. If you feel like people are being mean to you, well, get the f–k over it. Because gay people, and the people who love and suppport them, have all had to stomach you, your Maggie Gallaghers, and the rest of your ilk. Own it. You earned everything you are getting back.

And we have long memories. We don’t forget how you play the game. How you roll.

Calling you ‘Bigots’ to your collective faces is just a really, really good f–king start.

Big HT to Newsbusters for sifting through the Daily Kos sewer.