Hero of the working class.

Via Politico 44:

President Obama kicked off his DNC fundraising in California Thursday with a $32,400-per-head brunch at the Atherton home of investment guru Mark W. Heising and his wife, Liz Simons.

“Obama described it, with some understatement, as a ‘spectacular home,'” the pool reporter writes. “It’s on a hilltop with 360 degree views. Once through the gate at the bottom of the hill, the motorcade snaked past a vineyard. Pool walked around the house past a swimming pool, assorted gardens and patios, a bocce court, and eventually into the back of a relatively modest room where the brunch was held.”

The intimate affair included only roughly 30 guests, who for the price of admission got a photo with the president and to listen to his remarks — ““I am very optimistic that we get immigration reform done in the next few months…. It’s going to be tougher to get gun legislation to reduce gun violence through the Senate and the House that so many of us, I think, want to see, particularly after the tragedy at Newtown.”

And, of course, they got brunch:

Morning Amuse: “Verrine of Straus Family Yogurt, Chef Laci’s House Made Toasted Organic Granola, Spring Berries and Mint `Caviar’”