And the State Department’s response . . . delete the Cairo Embassy’s Twitter account.

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Via The Cable:

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood lashed out Tuesday against State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland after Nuland criticized the Egyptian government for stifling freedom of expression.

Nuland dressed down the Egyptian government for a series of actions against its domestic critics, including the detention and interrogation of Bassem Youssef, Egypt’s answer to The Daily Show’sJon Stewart, on charges that Youssef had insulted Islam and Egyptian President Mohamed Morsy. Youssef was released after five hours of interrogation and fined 15,000 Egyptian pounds, equivalent to about $2,200.

“We are concerned that the public prosecutor appears to have questioned and then released on bail Bassam Youssef on charges of insulting Islam and President Morsy. This coupled with recent arrest warrants issued for other political activists is evidence of a disturbing trend of growing restrictions on the freedom of expression,” Nuland said at Monday’s press briefing. […]

The Freedom and Justice Party, the political wing of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, took issue with Nuland’s comments on their official Facebook page.

Referring directly to Nuland’s remarks about Youssef, the FJP said they are outraged at her “unreserved audacity” and her “blatant interference in the internal affairs of Egypt on an issue that is still under investigation” and is being dealt with through the Egyptian legal system.